World War 1 Memorials

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Returned   1914-18    Died      1914-18  

Above (left) shows the Tablet that stands in the entrance of the Church,

of those men who served and returned to the parish in the 1914-18 War .

 Above (right) a Memorial tablet Inside the Church to those who served but did not return.

Above Proud Old Soldiers In Remembrance On 11 Nov 2003.
2nd from right Mr Billy Hancock, who's fathers name appears on the Memorial.

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The Memorial above stands in front of a small wood on the side of the road between Merton and Thompson.
 Originally the Memorial stood in Tottington village in front of the reading room, the Memorial was dedicated to the soldiers from Tottington and Sturston villages, To those that returned and those who fell in the 1914-18 war.

Funds were raised for the memorial by Miss Reeve and local villagers, by arranging cricket matches, selling soft drinks, vegetables and fruit,  losing teams were fined and willingly paid there dues. It was first erected on a Sunday in 1919.

The Memorial was removed from Tottington village, after a complete take over of the M.O.D in 1942 the land and village would then be used as a Battle ground practise area for WWII
The area is still under the control of the MOD, and never returned to the villages..... "A Broken Promise"

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