There are many old haunting stories told about Merton, one is of the headless horseman seen riding around the village and through Merton Park. Another of the horse and carriage travelling to the church, carriage doors opening and shutting, and then footsteps, all this is said to be heard but not seen, and of the time a friend of mine heard a young someone crying in the basement of a broken down old house at Home Farm. Some of the older generation telling me of the Grey lady seen around the Hall.
Romans left there tracks in the little village, for to the right of Pedders Way an old Roman pavement, 10 yds square, was discovered about 3ft below the surface; and again bordering on the way in the Park, in trenching for a plantation, there were found bones of sheep and oxen, horns of deer, much broken Roman pottery, coin's and a knife blade, also a human skeleton without a head.
The skeleton without a head is a mystery ,the park is of a locality where ghosts and goblins, black and white witches,and such like, were very dear to the native heart.
But one thing that history tells is that the Witch Finder General ( Matthew Hopkins) found himself in this area many times. WELL!.. I WONDER..

Its also interesting to talk to people who have had more modern day experiences. Recently told while a couple were walking at dusk along pedders way along Merton Park. There they experienced a sighting of a house in the distance with a small light in the window, The couple did not take much notice at the time, they returned home.
Feeling very curious about the event, a few days later they approached and asked a local gentlemen, who had much local knowledge. " What and whose house stood in the area mentioned they asked the gentleman, as they had never seen it before on there journeys". The gentlemen replyed that there was no house there and never had been, however according to old handed down stories, there had been sightings of this building before, only for those who hd seen it,at a later date returned to find nothing there.

I have also been told of the sighting in the same area, Of the
Black Shuck.
A large spectral death omen demon dog in British folklore, especially in Norfolk and other parts of East Anglia regions steeped in supernatural lore.
Black Shuck, also called Old Shuck, derives its name from the Anglo-Saxon term scucca or sceocca, old Anglo-Saxon terms for "demon" or "satan." The spectral dog descended from Norse mythology , for he is said to be the black hound of Odin(Woden) brought by early Viking invaders. Black Shuck is all black and is huge, about the size of a calf. he has large eyes that glow yellow, red, or green as if on fire. Often, he is headless, yet his eyes -where eyes should be- glow in the dark. Black Shuck haunts graveyards, lonely country roads, misty marshes, or the hills around villages. In certain areas, he frequents old straight roads; it has been theorized that these "old straight tracks" may be leys, thought to be ancient lines of invisible earth energy known to ancient peoples, and used to site villages and sacred places.

Is that some one standing & looking at me in the picture below?


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